By Dale J.

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By Dale J.

To Provide
1. Voluntary Obedience
   and Esteem.
2. Creature Experience
   with Evil.
3. Growth to Deity.
4. Perfected Beings.

Unless creation was mindless and frivolous, it must have something to do with implementing a grand design, a divine plan--to accomplish something which God either needs to have or desires to bring about. If so, then "I," as the acme of physical creation, must have a significant role in an important plan of God! This is a thrilling concept.

Mankind is the keystone figure in the Divine Plan for Creating. He has a far greater role in cosmic development than is generally known.

Prevailing Western theology sees mankind as having been created by fiat (decree) in perfection, and as "falling" from that lofty status. The goal of most religions is a salvage operation, to keep people spiritually alive until they physically die, in the hope that God will mercifully restore them to their original status of perfection instead of justly punishing them for their sins. God is variously pictured as being angry with, and regretful over man; and as devising emergency plans to effect a cosmic rescue of his wayward children. The word "salvation" is not without significance. This traditional paradigm has prevailed in spite of numerous lofty, even brilliant, truths contained in most holy books. And it completely overlooks the reasons why man exists.

Man exists as a key element in a Divine Plan of Deity. His role and function are to assist Deity in satisfying several "desires". These desires are for voluntary obedience and esteem, for creature experience, for true growth, and to evolve perfected beings. We human beings are deliberately designed and carefully tailored to fulfill each of these desires. And we are doing so.

1. To Provide Voluntary Obedience and Esteem.

Every normal human being exercises a free will to respond to Deity in any manner he chooses. There is no spiritual coercion. One can seek or avoid, obey or disobey, attend or ignore, hold in awe or contempt, love or hate, etc.: whatever attitude one holds toward God is one's personal choice. Whenever God is sought, esteemed, obeyed, loved or worshipped by a human, the act is voluntary. It results from the creature's seeing intrinsic values in Deity and desiring to identify with them. This constitutes the voluntary love and esteem otherwise not available to God.

Both logic and revelation indicate that you and I are here to provide important service to, and for, God by voluntarily seeking, finding, obeying, loving and worshipping him. In this endeavor, each of us is of equal value to God, and receives equal treatment from God.

2. To Provide Creature Experience with Evil.

There is absolutely no doubt that humans undergo experiences with evil, some quite traumatic. Both the Old Testament and Jesus taught that God is with us throughout all of these trials, but the true significance of this teaching has only recently been revealed. Through the Indwelling Spirit of the Father, God actually shares our experiences; thereby gaining "creature experience." (29:21-32; 1185:1624) As we triumph over evil, God actually experiences the overcoming of evil through us. When we overcome evil with good, new spiritual values appear, and Deity experiences growth. These spiritual values become our immortal soul, and stay with us as we undergo the perfecting process to become Divine. Even when we fail and do evil,Deity has experiential knowledge of the phenomenon.

"I" am of importance to Deity as a vehicle through which God can (and does)gain experience: creature experience. No one else can provide these exact same experiences; and if I fail, they are lost to God forever.

3. To Provide Growth to Deity.

It is a mistake to view mankind as being created "a living soul" (Genesis 2:7) rather than as being a co-creator of his own soul. Man once believed that he was created by fiat. (838:30-31) We now learn that he was evolved out of pre-existent mater. (560:17-40) Even life, itself, was "initiated." (667:40-45) Man is made flesh, and given the power to become spirit.(343:3-9) It is in the first step toward becoming spirit that man is "born again," (1130:43-48) and thus actively participates in the creation of his own soul. (1478:24-44) During this spiritualizing process man contributes to totality of reality: to the growth of Deity.

Man has long been seen as a co-creator with God of physical progeny; but the more important creation of his soul--an embryonic spirit--is overlooked. Just as a caterpillar must weave its own cocoon if it aspires to become a butterfly; so must man develop his own soul if he aspires to become a spirit. This is why Jesus said "you must be born again, born of spirit." If man were "created spirit," spirit would already exist, and man could not give it "birth." Jesus made it plain that man was deeply involved in bringing about this "new birth" through the proper exercise of free will.(1602:40-46)

It is the supreme goal of this lifetime to be born of the spirit, to develop the human soul, and to survive as a spirit-potential being. Only the successful progress to other spheres (heaven) to become wholly spirit. Mankind, in the flesh, is but converted preexistent matter, (Genesis 2:7;3:19) and adds nothing to Deity. Physical life adds nothing to Deity. Upon death, life terminates, and matter returns to older forms. Only that which is spirit is real and eternal. When a person, in conjunction with God, creates anything of spirit value, it adds to the totality of Deity (God the Supreme): it is spirit growth.

If this is correct, "I" am here to provide "spirit growth" to Deity both in the flesh and as I become more spiritual. "I" have the potential to become a perfected spirit-being with a residence on Paradise and an opportunity for important future service to God.

4. To Provide Perfected Beings.

Of all the desires of Deity, this one is the most rewarding to us to fulfill. The Divine Plan for Creating contains an element of "reciprocal reward" by which Deity bestows on any faithful creature more than it receives from that creature. Reciprocal love from the Father is greater than any obedience and esteem we show Him. The experiences we share with Deity are ours as well as His. The growth we provide to Deity is our own growth. This "desire" is that we complete our growth by becoming perfect and standing in the presence of the Father in Paradise. The very "beings" which Deity desires to "become perfected" are YOU and ME. This is the ultimate consequence of faithful service, the best thing that could happen to us.

God has repeatedly told men and women to become perfect. (Genesis 17:1;Leviticus 19:2; Deuteronomy 18:13; Matthew 5:48; 21:30-31 + 12 other places)

This is our goal and our destiny. The entire scheme of ascension to God is a perfecting process.

Only as perfected beings can you and I realize our potential to be full faith-sons and faith-daughters of our Heavenly Father. It is heart-warming to know that God desires us to dwell in His presence, and even become a part of total Deity.

I AM a potential faith-son or faith-daughter of Our Father. I can become a full faith-child by being a faith-fur child.

* * * * * * * *

Why am I here? To be "me," a unique personality. To seek and do the will of God; to grow to love and worship Him. To overcome evil with good. And by so doing, to contribute to the love, experience and growth of God. And ultimately, to stand in the presence of God a perfected being.

Both "I" and my missions are of profound significance and eternal importance. "My" role is to satisfy various desires of Deity. I was made for this Divine purpose. There are momentous consequences from my conduct on earth. No one can succeed but me. And no one else can fail. If I fulfill my purpose I will attain my destiny and inherit eternal life; if not, I will pass away forever.