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Only by Forgiving others can we realize how much God has already Forgiven us!

Embracing Change
This site is devoted primarily to the promotion of Change. Change is constantly occuring. Many people have a hard time with change but now, in these "changing times", it's happening so quickly that if we can't figure out a way to "Go with the Flow", we'll be left in the dark. This world is witnessing a lot of confusion about and searching for "The Meaning of Life" and this I would love to help clarify.

What is 'The Urantia Book'?


Go to My Picture Album Believe it or not this world is getting better. I know its hard to believe but, to see the good changes we must step far back from the trees to view the many bright things that are happening instead of just concentrating on the dark evil spots that our media enjoys bringing into our living rooms everyday.

My Story

Below I have placed a few of my favorite examples of the clarifying information and guidance that "The Urantia Book" contains.

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Send mail and let me know what you think Send mail and let me know what you think

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