Two years ago, (1997), after many years of small stumbles and little starts, I embarked on a major search for truth. This search took me many places such as Reincarnation, The Celestine Prophecy, Atlantis, Seth, Isis & Osiris and Edgar Cayce. (I found many truths in all of these directions but they all left me wanting and needing more). Although I've never been an Atheist or really devout in any major religion, I do believe God exists and have studied many religions. I have read most of the Bible and I do consider myself a religionist, a spiritualist and a truth seeker.

One day a Bible Scripture studying friend mentioned Melchizedek saying that "Jesus taught in the manner of Melchizedek". I was intrigued because that name was mentioned a number of times in the Bible but absolutely nothing was mentioned of his teachings. So I went to the Internet and see if I could find information on that name. Of the many sites I found, most just reiterated what the Bible said but, one in particular had a large amount detail of who Melchizedek was and his teachings. Looking further into the site I found many papers on the life and teachings of Jesus that were astonishing in their detail. I got the book and pretty much went into hibernation.

Intro to 'The Urantia Book'

This book is called "The Urantia Book" and it WILL change your life! Here is a great "Introduction to The Urantia Book" by Harry McMullan, III (frames)

I now know deep in my heart this book is everything it claims to be: The Fifth Epochal Revelation of God. I know it will be many years before the rest of Mankind will believe but I want to do what I can to show the True way that Jesus taught.

This book is not ABOUT Jesus but is the Life and Teachings OF Jesus. It explains clearly and precisely what he taught and what an adventure we can, by faith, look forward to enjoying. Also within this spiritual book is a world history that will astound you not only for its detail but for the logic of events. The book explains heaven in detail showing the many different levels of attainment even outside of this universe. It also teaches that Man and Woman are all spiritually equal before God and we are all brothers (the Angels are the sisters) with the divine spark of God inside each and every mortal. In this brotherhood, it is up to each one of us individually to find God and Know God in our own Individual way. Most of all this is a book of Love and I believe it is already being instrumental in a great reduction of sin through tolerance, patience and most of all Love.