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"The Time to Act is Now"?

Written Tuesday, February 25, 2003




Dear ****,


Yes Saddam is a bad person. Yes he needs to go. Should the US take him out? No! Why? He did not attack us! Attacking a foreign country solely for the sake of removing a 'bad' leader should not be what America stands for. This is not who we should be. It's unconstitutional. We have the responsibility to act as a leader, A JUST leader! OUR LEADER is holding on to power by fear, terror, murder and intimidation with (even) our own people. Of all the 'corrupt' leaders, he has latched onto one that can do the least harm to our country. Why? We as a nation cannot and should not tell the world to fall in line with us or else! We must as a Just nation coerce the world to our way of thinking. This administration's thinking cannot do this. This country is the one that is acting like a 'rogue state'. Jesus' way was never by force. Always through convincing and love is His message. Knowing that something needs to be done doesn't make it right to do it by force. If the World doesn't do it together it will only bring far more strife. …



How much strife has this World now come through and how much more will it endure before the PEOPLE of the United States wake up to the Truth? Who are ‘they’ that say the "Left" doesn’t know what’s true? (t. 1-23-05)



We, The United States of America cannot just go beat up the bully. We must use our United Nations as a way of seeking Justice. If the World will not condemn Saddam, then we need to find another way to convince it that it should. Barring that it is wrong to move any further unless we are ourselves attacked or Saddam is foolish enough to attack some other small county, which (then) asks us to defend it. 


The answer cannot lie in what-ifs. If it did then Anarchy would rule, such as the Bush Administration would like. But carry on the thought of Anarchy in the World with the other countries out there quite capable of achieving what Bush would do with Iraq. If Bush is successful then what will stop those others from acting in the same manner? Would peace prevail then? I think not!


If my neighbor has a gun and won't show it to me or destroy it because of my demand, should I Kill him? What is our Administration doing that is so different?



Has he been successful? (t. 1-23-05)