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Thorpe's Thoughts
Sat 05/02/2009
Can you see change yet?
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Topic: The Next Epoch
Obama's been President for 100 days. Does the planet seem different to you?
Oh...So many signs of the times we are in. Those many who do not know. Those who think these are the 'END TIMES'. But those who are Embracing Change can see.
Truth is beginning to come out from secrecy. Obama's directions do not even deal with it but is only focused forward. Good. He should not be directly involved in any of it. It is judicial's turn to grow a couple and DO THE RIGHT THING.
Meanwhile the threat level fealing of an insane would-be dictator's next move are not even possible anymore. Sigh....relief.<br><br>
What will happen to this lowly man so shorn of his power? What will happen to the man who guided the country rather than the puppet? Let civilized judgement and full truth disclosure prevail. It's not the President's job but the job of the People to complete.
The people decided on a person not owned by the corporate. The corporate believe they have him boxed in. They even play games to attempt to get people to believe he is corporate. Time will tell. It did all too quickly for his predecessor.
I'm out of work and income is very low but my spirits are high because I'm finally out there engaging life and my brothers and sisters. The Father is finding many ways where I can be helpful and thereby forgetting about my not having a money making position in life. Food doesn't seem to be a real problem at this time.
It's not being able to make any payments on our so called life enablers the credit cards. But look at what they are doing to those who are paying. Taking money (at no cost) from the government without giving even one poor person debt forgiveness. How crass and greedy is this?
If Obama took that very money and gave it entirely and only to the poor (an equal amount when income is below a certain level) with the stipulation that all back debt of each individual must be paid in full (and no further credit issued for say 3 years), the economy would rebound in a moment and almost all the debt capital money would go into these same banker's hands but they would no longer own the poor.
I pray they do.

Posted by Thorpe at 11:20 AM EDT
Updated: Sat 05/02/2009 11:51 AM EDT
Sun 01/13/2008
Who's election is this if not the people's?
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Topic: Politics as usual

Hello All,

 I haven't truly written a blog here since I've put it in place and have no idea if anyone really cares for that matter.

The good news is that Kucinich is leading a recount in NH. The bad news is why a recount is necessary.

I've looked at the numbers of that primary myself and I would say there is reason to check those numbers. Almost every town that was hand counted showed Obama to win and almost every town that was machine tallied showed that Clinton won. Why should that be? And that this is in opposition not only to the pre-Polling data but also even with the Exit Polls. Now is the time to nip this potentially and likely stealing of this election even from the primary stage. We don't need no stinkin' corporate hack running our country anymore!!!!

I am actually for Kucinich who has the best plans but our Corporate Media has almost totally ignored him and even prevented him from attending some of the debates. Should it be those with the money who controls the message? Only in this US of A.

But not for much longer. We've got more Celestial Assistance at the ready, more than we can even imagine, to assist us in resolving these problems. More than the dark has all of their earthly money counted in half pennies. Even those with the greatest earthly money and powers are no match to the power of the Faithful People of this planet. The Faith in the fact that our Universe is friendly will insure that this world will make it to Light and Life even despite the designs of the few most evil.

What can you do to help this come about? Show the World what Love means!

Have a Fantasticated and Eventful Loving New Year.

Posted by Thorpe at 11:48 AM EST
Mon 05/29/2006
Cheney's secret classifications -or- The Rogue Vice & Haditha is Just the Tip of the Iceberg, As My Lai Was in Vietnam

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below and be informed.

Originally postED: May 26, 2006
Cheney's secret classifications
Posted by Mark Silva at 2 pm CDT
The government slowed down somewhat last year in the classification of top
secret and confidential information, and it also declassified slightly more
documents than had been opened up the year before.
But the numbers still rank among record-leveLS: With 14 million decisions
made last year to classify information, a slight decline from the 2004
record, and 29.5 million pages declassified last year -- far fewer than the
100 million pages declassified in 2001. And once again, Vice President Dick
Cheney, who has refused to report on his office's classification activities
since 2003, is missing from the count.

Despite an executive order signed by President Bush in 2003 requiring all
agencies or “any other entity within the executive branch that comes into
the possession of classified information’’ to report on its activities, the
vice president’s office maintains that it has no legal obligation to report
on its classification decisions.
Cheney’s office told the Chicago Tribune in an April report on the
administration’s propensity for secrecy that it is under no duty to report
this information. The vice president maintains that his office is not an
agency, and is also unique in serving both an executive role and legislative
role - the vice president is president of the Senate.
But monitors of government secrecy maintain that the vice president is
flouting his own president’s authority in this matter.
“It undermines oversight of the classification system and reveals a disdain
for presidential authority,’’ Steven Aftergood, director of the Project on
Government Secrecy at the Federation of American Scientists, said today.
“It’s part of a larger picture of disrespect that this vice president has
shown for the norms of oversight and accountability.’’
A spokeswoman for Cheney, asked for response, reiterated the vice
president’s stance on the issue.
“These reporting requirements are not applicable to (the office of the vice
president),’’ Cheney spokeswoman Lea Anne McBride said today. “This has been
thoroughly reviewed and it’s been determined that the reporting requirement
does not apply to (the office), which has both legislative and executive
Since the beginning of Bush’s presidency, agencies and other entities each
year had reported increasing numbers of decisions to classify information as
top secret, secret or confidential. These numbers rose from 8.65 million
classification decisions reported in 2001 to 15.65 million in 2004, a record
Last year, agencies made 14.2 million decisions - a 9 percent decrease from
the record-level reported in 2004, and slightly less than what had been
reported in 2003 - according to a new report of the National Archives
Information Security Oversight Office.
Agencies also declassified 29.5 million pages of documents in 2005, the
report shows. This marked a 4 percent increase from the 28 million pages of
documents declassified the year before.
This represents a turnaround from the annual scaling back of documents
declassified during Bush’s presidency - with 100 million pages declassified
in 2001 and 44 million declassified in 2002.
Combined, the National Archives office that monitors these decisions calls
last year’s increases in declassification and decreases in classification “a
positive step.’’
“It’s incrementally good news,’’ Aftergood said. “The numbers are down from
record-high levels to second record-high levels… It’s hard to get excited
about that, but it’s better than increases.’’
With some 80 agencies and other entities taking part in the National
Archives’ annual accounting of activity, the report notes that only the
Office of the Vice President, the president’s Homeland Security Council and
the president’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board failed to report on its
activities. The vice president’s office last reported on its activities in
2002, the agency says.
In the past, the Archives report notes, the vice president’s activities
“historically have not reported quantitatively significant’’ numbers. But
Aftergood suggests there is no way of knowing what the vice president has
done since 2002 because he isn’t reporting.
“The reality is that until 2002, they did report,’’ he said. “Somebody made
a decision that they don’t want to do what they used to do… They have to
explain why they stopped doing it, and they haven’t done that.’’
Haditha is Just the Tip of the Iceberg, As My Lai Was in Vietnam
Alas, the massacre at Haditha -- in which women, children and men -- were
executed by U.S. Marines will be the My Lai for Iraq.

That means war hawks will argue that the Marines were under intense pressure
-- which they were -- and these "sort of things" are to be expected in war.
They will excuse the horrific actions as an inevitable outgrowth of a war
without rules.

And they are right, you know.

Not that these GIs should be excused from accountability, but the real
people who should be tried and sentenced are Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush and Rice
They, like Kissinger, Nixon and Johnson, put the Marines in this modern
version of Dante's inferno for reasons that defy logic and honesty.

With Vietnam, My Lai was a real event that became a symbolic battle over
whether U.S. soldiers should be held accountable for atrocities. They should
but, more importantly, the people who put them in an untenable position
should be legally charged for war crimes -- and for misleading the men and
women of the U.S. armed forces and the American people.

My Lai was only the tip of the iceberg in Vietnam. It was one atrocity among
many, but it was the one where the soldiers got caught.

We have reviewed and recommended the painful, powerful 1971 documentary,
Winter Soldier" (just released on DVD and made available to the viewing
public for the first time in decades) , because it details how commonplace
the outright murder, torture and rape of Vietnamse was by American military
personnel. It was very simple to hide these murders. Any Vietnamese who
ended up dead was identified as a member of the Viet Cong, whether they were
or not.

The "Winter Soldier" film website notES: "In February 1971, one month after
the revelations of the My Lai massacre, an astonishing public inquiry into
war crimes committed by American forces in Vietnam was held at a Howard
Johnson motel in Detroit. The Vietnam Veterans Against the War organized
this event called the Winter Soldier Investigation. More than 125 veterans
spoke of atrocities they had witnessed and committed.

"Though the event was attended by press and television news crews, almost
nothing was reported to the American public. Yet, this unprecedented forum
marked a turning point in the anti-war movement. It was a pivotal moment in
the lives of young vets from around the country who participated, including
the young John Kerry [although his appearance is just a brief visual image].
..Their courage in testifying, their desire to prevent further atrocities
and to regain their own humanity, provide a dramatic intensity that makes
seeing Winter Soldier an unforgettable experience."

This is a raw, searing film that rubs salt on an open wound. It is
profoundly moving, sad and a powerful indictment of those who lead us into
conflicts that are cul-de-sacs of horror.

And it offers a comparative window that opens our minds to the macabre
realities of what the U.S. military is doing in Iraq.

Despite Bush's tiresome and dishonest lofty rhetoric of contrived patriotism
and ironically phony words of his love of freedom, the reality on the ground
in Iraq is seen in the indiscriminate torture and killings carried out by U
S. troops or their Iraqi militia proxies. Abu Ghraib, Falluja, Sadr City,
RamaDI: These are just a few locations where "everyone was a Muj (insurgent)
" just as in Vietnam, every civilian was a Viet Cong sympathizer, once they
were dead.

Drilled holes in the head of a 12-year-old child who was then shot to death.
Babies "executed." Detainees tortured with dogs, electroshock and drownings.
Massive bombardments of the civilian population. The detonation of mosques.

No, Haditha was not an isolated incident. The Pentagon tried to cover it up
for months, according to Congressman John Murtha.

The war crimes committed everyday in Iraq run up to the desk of George W.

Yes, BuzzFlash does honor our troops this Memorial Day.

They deserve better, much better, than the failed and criminal leadership
that sent them to a war that they could never win. Now, they are just there
as sitting ducks because the Bush Administration doesn't want to "lose face"
or appear "unmanly" by bringing these soldiers home to safety.

Bush said that their mission was accomplished several years ago.

Then, what are they still doing in Iraq?

And why is George W. Bush -- a man who has done great harm to our military,
put our soldiers in harm's way for a fool's dream, and authorized crimes
against humanity -- still in office and not in a docket?

Think about this question when you are horrified by Haditha.

Haditha was not an aberration. It is the rule of conduct in Iraq, not the
exception, as was the case in Vietnam.

The responsibility for Haditha and all the other inhumane crimes in Iraq
begins with Bush and Cheney and work their way down.

Remember our troops in Iraq this Memorial Day.

They deserve to be home, now.

They should not be the foot soldiers -- dutifully following orders -- of a
megalomanic, lying, incompetent, evil cabal.

They, do indeed, deserve better.
Giant U.S. Embassy project dismays Iraqis
Battles of World War II are long past, but a dwindling group of black tank
soldiers proudly recalls its place in history
Turns out it's Dick Cheney's office that's deciding for Bush what laws he
gets to ignore, intercepting all incoming legislation
"F.U.B.A.R.: America's Right-Wing Nightmare" (Hardcover), By Sam Seder,
Stephen Sherrill
Saving America from the Treason of Scooter LibBY: The Libby Defense


Learning Love is Loving God - - Loving Truth is Learning God

remote Posted by Thorpe at 11:44 AM EDT
Sat 05/06/2006
Welcome to the New World
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: World Affairs

The questions of the people are finally being heard. Will the choices made at the poles be the ones that we end up seeing and support the decisions the whole has made? The messengers are out there. Will the messages be heard? By how many? Will the people remove the cabal of darkness that is running our country? Is is too late?

Every day I'm reading a new message from Mike Quinsey. Are these for real? You be the judge.

Also today I just finished reading a three part series of messages which can be found at The Hosts of Heaven. Funny thing is that the very last message that I got to today was dated May 6, 2005. Exactly one year ago today. These messages are intended to be recieved by those of the mainly STO persuasion. Enlightening, ensuring, "Go with the Flow" kind of stuff but also in line with the other messages from the other sources. We are now in the end times people. There will be much heartache for those who are STS and even many who are STOs.

Be patient. It will be a wild ride, but man will see it through to the "next step" in our evolution. Do not fear for there is no Hell to worry about. Go within for your information, and this is also for me as well as anyone who reads this. Stop looking at the news, let the world crumble about you. Pay it no mind because our new duties will soon be coming on the other side. A new day will soon be dawning.

Posted by Thorpe at 10:44 AM EDT
Updated: Sat 05/06/2006 10:50 AM EDT
Sun 04/24/2005
To America and the World
Mood:  irritated
Topic: World Affairs
I thought that I would place here as my first blog something I wrote in March of '03. I still feel this way.

To America and the World,

What happened to our country of America? I was proud to be an American, but I'm bleeding in my heart right now though. When I was young I thought that being American was, maybe questionably, a good thing. After all the Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI and WWII had good purposes from what I could tell.

But then there was that Vietnam problem. Why were we fighting over there? We were told it was to prevent Communism from spreading in the world. Was it right that all those men, boys really because we had to go in when we were 18, should go over and be killed for an economic cause? We couldn’t even vote!! Isn’t Communism, after all, an economic system where all people are given some life support even if they aren’t contributing to the whole? Why were we fighting against it when it would crumble in a few years under its own stagnation?

Then, I thought, America woke up. The people protested and Nixon was elected on the platform of ending the Vietnam War. It took him a while but he did it. First of all he abolished the draft, which I thought then was the greatest because I was 17. Then he proceeded to pull out the military. It didn’t go as smooth as some would have liked and some felt we lost the War. I, to the contrary, felt that the People of America WON their War. We removed ourselves from a War without a true cause. Yes, Nixon did prove in the end to be less than the ideal person and resigned, but at least he stopped the bloodshed.

Then the 18-21 year people received the right to vote, awesome! Finally those who have to go fight for this country can help decide who will send them there. It has, I believe been quite a deciding factor on choosing some of the best leaders this country has ever had, although I know others would argue. But, for the most part America was growing. Not now.

Never could I have believed that a person could attain the position of President of the United States by a decision of the Supreme Court rather than that of the People. Never could I have believed a President would totally ignore the fact that over half the people didn’t vote for him and act without any sort of humbleness what-so-ever. This Selected President would have none of that. He separated us from our World.

Without any input from the People of the U.S. except those that are in his closed circle of Millionaires he has stripped the World of its direction and purpose. He has taken the American Spirit twisted it up, and returned it for us to bear, raped and bleeding. I feel disgraced to be an American. I say this so that those who don’t feel as I do might just tell me to leave. I say back that maybe those who want this ‘War’ or as I call it ‘Invasion’ should be the ones going over there to expend their life for this Un-Just cause. Bring OUR LOVED ONES BACK, ALIVE!

For years our people have acted towards openness in our governmental actions. That’s what our constitution says is the true direction. Yes, we have had closed administrations, but we have fought to open them and we were on a direction to succeed in maintaining that personal security. Not anymore. Is the President listening to the ones who have the guts to state their views? Why are the views of the People of the U.S. so different and opposite of the views we are being shown in the media? I live here in America and talk to many people, the numbers I would see in the media are quite skewed to fact. Who is writing the script? Is it the People?

How long will this Injustice last? What rights will we forsake next? Will I be thrown into a hole, because my views don’t match this ‘administration's’? When will the people realize what is truly going on? How deep of a hole has to be made before the country wakes up to realize we are no longer right or just? How many innocent people from our country and the world will have to be lost? How hated will America become before the people rise to stop the bloodshed? Will we be able too? Or will all who disagree be placed in our prisons?

This ‘aggressive act’ will also go down in infamy. Never again will America be respected because it has been whored out to the select few. As the World rises up to stop America’s Hitleristic and destructive ways, where will that bring its people? What will happen when all those perks that we have become accustomed to, disappear? Those inexpensive ‘things’ that we enjoy will no longer be sent to us from the World. We will have become separated, isolated, alone and disgraced. This is the direction we are moving now but how can the people stop it?

We may have to wait till the dust settles, then we will have to start picking up the pieces, God’s plan will continue. But, by allowing this atrocity to occur, it will be a very long time before we will be able to hold our head up to our world. We may end up going down in our standards of living much, much further than we can even envision at this time. Will we become like Russia? Or worse? I don’t know, I only know our direction, which isn’t and hasn’t been good for three years running. But it could change. ;>) I can’t give up on Hope, Justice and the TRUE AMERICAN WAY. I have faith that eventually the PEOPLE will insist on its return!!

And I’m already certain where my loved ones and I are going, no matter what happens earthly.

Thorpe Saxton

The Truth is in Living LOVE and it Will set you Free.

Written 03-30-03

Posted by Thorpe at 6:56 PM EDT

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